The 4.0m wide Serving Hut is the most cost effective sow housing on the market today with the lowest cost per sow place in our range.

The larger format was developed based on feedback from farmers needing to house sows in larger groups to suit the more modern serving systems. Larger huts invariably save labour making significant savings over the life of the hut.

Serving Huts 4m

Each hut in the range measures 4.0m/13' wide x 1.7m/5'6" high and available in 6 sheet (4.6m/15') and 8 sheet (6.0m/20') lengths.  

Door configurations are the same as the 3.0m wide version with a doorway each end and 1 full height lift out door included which can be removed completely in summer.

Front doorways can be increased to 1.5m wide for easier bale access (pictured). All doorways are reinforced being 5mm thick in total.  The threshold step helps to retain bedding saving money.  

A sliding rear vent or hinge up back door can be chosen if access is not required from the back of the hut, when used for finishing pigs for example.

Each hut includes lifting hooks and are easily moved using a serving hut lifting beam. Alternatively use an external lifting frame with ridge timber.

With prices starting from £53.00 per sow place (subject to terms), the 4.0m Serving Hut has the lowest cost per sow place on offer.

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