Higher feed costs have resulted in the development of the sow feed trough as a cost effective method of reducing waste.

Food is dispensed directly into the trough opposed to being thrown into the paddock which invariably leads to wastage being trodden into the ground or eaten by vermin.  In addition it enables a cheaper pellet ration to be used opposed to rolls.

Sow Feed Troughs

The design of this trough is the result of extensive trials and dialogue with farmers, perfecting the construction and its management.

The unique design means the trough is suspended above the ground reducing the risk of corrosion. The key feature of this design is that the trough can be reinforced from below meaning cross braces are not required drastically reducing the risk of serious injury to sows through tripping. It also makes cleaning the trough significantly easier.

To reduce the abrasive effect of sows in feed troughs, all materials used are Z600 galvanised with a higher zinc coating than that typically used offering 600g of zinc per square metre. Troughs can also be supplied hot dipped galvanised if preferred.

When calculating the size of trough required, we would suggest a ratio of 0.70 - 0.75 linear metres per sow.

The Trough is available in a range of lengths up to 7.0m with centre joint and all feature a formed end plate so troughs can "hook" together. Holding down pins can be supplied if required.  

All bolts used are socket button type to make cleaning the trough significantly easier.

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