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The show is packed with one-liners and quips, but they ' re good for more than just telling a compelling story. If you ' re like us and binge-watched the entire second season of Stranger Things in one weekend, chances are it ' s been on your mind.. Stranger Things appreciation post. I love how there was a female coming out scene in Stranger Things and the guy (aka all too precious for this world Steve) didn’t get upset or mad at her. Who said it? Stranger Things Season 3 Quotes. Stranger Things Quotes All Series... 'Allo 'Allo 11.22.63 13 Reasons Why 24: Live Another Day 30 Rock A Discovery of Witches A Series of Unfortunate Events After Life Alcatraz Alias Alias Grace Ally McBeal Altered Carbon American Crime Story American Gods American Horror Story And Then There Were None Arrow Ash vs Evil Dead Atlanta Awkward. Mike, Lucas and Dustin risk their lives to … - Eleven • You shouldn't like things because people tell you you're supposed to.- Jonathan • Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god.- Dustin • Mornings are for coffee and contemplation. Stranger Things 2: All the best quotes of the new season. Explore. Stranger Things' Dustin Henderson might just be the smartest of the four founding party members, and definitely the dorkiest - but in an endearing way. Did you see his face? Eleven: It was like a tomato. Chief Hopper: “Rule number one: always keep the curtains drawn.” Jonathan Byers : “It’s just, sometimes… people don’t really say what they’re really thinking. Mike: Oh, my god. Top Navigation.
SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS. - Mike Keep reading to find out how to seamlessly use Stranger Things quotes as Instagram captions. Stranger Things borrows from a lot of Stephen King's works, and the Stand By Me homage is clear in the gang's friendship. Photo from For related entries, please read 10 Things I Love About Stranger Things and Stranger Things Season 2 – In the Words of the Ghostbusters (Mostly) .

Eleven Stranger Things Quotes to turn your Instagram Caption game Upside Down Where there’s a Will there’s a way, so here’s a way full of Captions! He tries the hardest to win the attention of girls he likes, failing more often than succeeding. I … steve harrington robin buckley dustin henderson steve and robin robin and steve bat-man and robin scoops troop omg honestly though he kind of has a point lol stranger things stranger things incorrect quotes
Stranger Things kids: Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard), and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown). (Stranger things) ... Lucas. Dustin. stranger things incorrect quotes. Good Stranger Things Quotes for Instagram Captions • Friends don't lie. ... Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin), Dustin … - Hopper • My mom, she's a pretty awesome cook. Stranger Things 2: All the best quotes of the new season. That was priceless. Related: scoops troop steve and robin and dustin robin buckley steve harrington lucas sinclair < > Most recent. He was 100% supportive from the get go. Mike: “I’m our paladin, Will’s our cleric, Dustin’s our bard, Lucas is our ranger, and El is our mage.” Stranger Things SEASON 1- 2- 3 QUOTES.

For anything you post that proves you were up before noon: Mike: Yeah, a fat tomato. 2,467 ... Add to library 17 » Discussion 50 » Follow author » Share test .
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