black breasted red modern game bantam

The Old English Game bantam is a delightful breed of chicken. Champion of Show/Champion RCCL White Wyandotte Bantam (Greg Collard)

Modern Game Bantams (BB Red) (Red Pyle) (Blue Splash) The Modern Game Bantams are very petite, with long .

The males in all of these varieties are very striking with bright colored plumage and a certain cockiness to their identity. All are bright red, unless otherwise noted. Old English Games are very popular because of their alertness, upright appearance, and confident personality. These glossy mahogany- colored hens with black tail feathers are as beautiful as they are gentle and productive. There is also an Old English Game bantam. They don't handle the … According to the standard of the Poultry Club of Great Britain , standard-sized cocks weigh 3.20–4.10 kg and hens 2.25–3.20 kg , while bantams weigh 570–620 g and 450–510 g respectively. The Old English Game Bantam really made its entrance into the show scene during the late 1890’s and by the early 1900’s, there were 40-50 entries in the larger poultry shows of the day. The first variety accepted to the American Standard of Perfection was Black Breasted Red (BBR), gaining recognition in 1925. Modern Game Facts: Class: Standard: All Other Standard Breeds Size: Standard Male: 6 Ibs.Standard Female: 4.5 Ibs.Bantam Male: 22 oz. BANTAM BREEDS VARIETY CLASS APA Recognized Bantam Breeds and Varieties Updated April 2015 Please refer to the APA Standard of Perfection Another of my favorites! Bantam Female: 20 oz. The hens lay a small, off white egg. [2] As in many breeds, there are both standard and bantam sizes of Modern Game. Old English Game Bantams are a single comb breed with the comb being dubbed (cut) for show purposes. A single Modern egg is about half the size of your average egg from the grocery store, and if you're lucky, you may be able to pick off a chicken nugget's worth of meat from a Modern Game. Comb, Wattles & Earlobes: They have a small single comb with five points that stand upright.They have small, thin, smooth wattles and earlobes. In the early days of poultry shows, only the fancier, exotic looking breeds were of interest, so there weren’t many game bantams entered. legs, and are very friendly! Champion of Show/Champion Modern Black Breasted Red Modern Game Bantam (Hunter Bantams) Champion OEG Bantam Black Old English Game Bantam (Jeff Burkhart) Champion SCCL Bantam Single Comb White Leghorn Bantam (Robert Chapman) Res. Two different standards are recognised by the Poultry Club of Great Britain: Carlisle Old English Game and Oxford Old English Game.

The Rhode Island Red’s amazing ability to lay about 265 eggs a year made it famous worldwide and became the parent of several modern hybrid egg layers. The Old English Game is a British breed of domestic chicken.It was probably originally bred for cockfighting.

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