enable 2fa fortnite

All for signing up for Fortnite 2FA. Protect your account by enabling 2FA. Enable Fortnite 2FA: In your Account Settings, click on the Password & Security tab to open up the security settings section of the menu. Enable 2fa Fortnite 2fa simply adds a layer of security on top of your existing password and makes your account more secure. Enable 2fa Fortnite Xbox Fortnite is undoubtedly the most popular online video game that is out there right now. It is something that Epic Games is heavily promoting after the Fortnite player base is increasingly growing larger and larger. It’ll also give you several backup codes you can use if you’re ever separated from your phone and can’t login using 2FA. 8.23.2018. By The Fortnite Team. And that’s it! 2FA is a type, or subset, of multi-factor authentication. After you confirm, return to this screen and click the blue button that reads I Have Verified My Email. This will enable 2FA on your account.
The next screen will prompt you to enable your authenticator app.
Click the blue button that reads Enable Authenticator App. Using Fortnite two-factor authentication to protect your Fortnite account is really easy so here's how to enable Fortnite 2FA and protect all your stuff. r/FORTnITE: The developer supported, community run subreddit dedicated to Fortnite: Save the World from Epic Games. The reason for this could be linked to many things depending on what you like but one thing for sure is that availability is certainly one of those reasons why Fortnite is this popular. Fortnite fans can gift the Heartspun Glider to friends for free, after enabling 2FA on their Epic accounts. No free Vbucks How to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your Fortnite account Fortnite is one of the most popular games on the planet and compromised accounts and scams are sadly, a thing. PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNT! Enable 2FA. How To Enable Two-Step Authentication & Protect Your Account [PSA] Opting in to Two-Factor Sign In is really simple. Fortnite 2FA Guide -- How to Enable 2FA If you're having a problem enabling Fortnite 2FA, then we've got you covered. ENABLE 2FA. TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (2FA) Before you can proceed you will need to confirm your email address. It's no secret that hacked accounts have been historically a problem for the title and for Epic Games users, so this is a prudent way to take steps to prevent that. As a reward for protecting your account, you’ll unlock the Boogiedown Emote in Fortnite Battle Royale. Your account security is our top priority! With the popularity of Fortnite, account security has become an important topic for Epic Games and their players.Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) is one of the most secure ways people can keep their gaming information safe. The system will email you directly. Build forts, co-op, kill …
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