how to change orientation of part in solidworks drawing

Question asked by Mike Barsky on Oct 23, 2015 Latest reply on Oct 23, 2015 by Dennis Bacon. So we can end up with a Front view that is twisted and at some obscure angle or with an Origin that is miles away from the actual part. The second method is a little sounder and that is using the Orientation Dialog Box, this is an older version of the View toolbars that are used today but can have its benefits.To get to this all you need to do is hit the Space Bar while in SOLIDWORKS, this lists all of the Standard view with an * next to them and has 3 buttons across the top New View, Update Standard Views, Reset Standard Views. As you can see, this flashlight’s “front” view is at an odd angle. I was working with an engineer who manufactures sheet metal parts. Achieving the perfect orientation in a SOLIDWORKS drawing view can be a challenge, especially for models with highly organic geometry. Rotate, Zoom, select a face and view Normal To, to get your part in the orientation you want it. Provide feedback on this topic SOLIDWORKS welcomes your feedback concerning the presentation, accuracy, and thoroughness of the documentation. > Detailing and Drawings > Drawings > Standard Drawing Views > Model View > Changing the Orientation of a Model View.

If I click on the face that I want to be the “front” view.

How to change the units in Catia in the drawing.
I'm also sure you don't want to use ANSI. You might want to change the orientation because: The default view orientation is not acceptable for a drawing view. In this quick tutorial, we’ll show you a tool you may have never seen before. An imported part was created in the context of an assembly, and the part does not align with standard views. Like • Show 0 Likes 0; Comment • 2; Hello, I have a 3D model and I displayed the dimensions but some of them (C&D) are the wrong orientation.

An imported part was created in the context of an assembly, and the part does not align with standard views.

SOLIDWORKS Help ... To change the orientation of a model view: Select a view. This is how the the part was drawn. SOLIDWORKS Hints & Tips – View Orientation Routinely during our SOLIDWORKS support and training we have been asked how do you change the orientation of parts and assemblies? But when I do the drawing it changes to (in). Search 'Changing the Orientation of a Section' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base.

Search 'Changing the Orientation of a Model View' in the SOLIDWORKS Knowledge Base. Select (single click) on one of the Standard Views listed in the Orientation dialog box. You can change the horizontal orientation of annotation views. Habib, As far as I can see, your only option is to change. This SOLIDWORKS Tutorial shows how to Change a Part's 'Original Sketch Orientation' from the FRONT Plane to the TOP Plane and then the rest of the Parts …

Below is the image, Also Dimension E is … You can change the horizontal orientation of annotation views. There are 2 ways to change the orientation of an existing SolidWorks file that is built as a feature based model and both of the methods have their pitfalls.

After that, to match everything I can also change the Base planes names. Why is it important to think about the orientation at the start of a part or assembly?
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