imperator: rome lower war exhaustion
Footnotes The war has had a noticeable impact on the populations of both nations. Relying on mercenaries decreases its gain.

If you’re not planning to go to war, lower maintenance.

Other keys that may work to open the console include: §, ~, ^, °, or ².If none of those work, we recommend trying: SHIFT + 2, SHIFT + 3, and ALT + 2 + 1.
I was playing as Rome with bellicose stance as default ... but I what are some good ways to burn down war exhaustion quickly and how can I make sure that provinces will stay loyal when it is high. Find below a complete, searchable list of 113 Imperator: Rome console commands and cheats for the latest version of the game on Steam (PC and Mac)..

Each city has an unrest score affected by unhappy pops (see: Pops), corrupt governors (see: Characters), war exhaustion, laws, local modifiers, edicts and others. In Imperator: Rome, the console can be opened by pressing ` on US/UK keyboards. Imperator Rome How to Increase Stability - Archimedes Update. Not gonna post the usual simpleton blanket post of "this game sucks I can't marry my grandma like I could in ck2" What is the deal with war exhaustion in the game? If you can afford to, increase wages to raise loyalty of your characters and eventually gain more political influence. ... and high war exhaustion. Positive unrest score of the city will affect city’s output as well as lower the loyalty of the province the city. War exhaustion will be set to 0 when the nation breaks to rebels. War exhaustion will be lowered once at peace, but it degrades slowly as the nation recovers from the war and it could take months before it fully disappears. Imperator Rome Archimedes update new method to increase stability and decrease war exhaustion. Rome, then, isn’t in purgatory, waiting for the end of the war to decide its fate; it’s now under Etruscan rule.

Imperator: Rome lets you conquer the known world. But there are a few more mechanics to learn about before you even unpause the game. Whenever I am at war with one of the big countries like the Seleucids, Carthage, and Phrygia it seems that they're playing like their life depends on it. It is advised to keep wars as brief and to the point as possible to avoid excessive war exhaustion.
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