kratos vs helios

Despite being proud of his Olympian and God status, Helios is actually a Titan who had converted to the Olympian side. He is a major antagonist in God of War III. Now that being said, Amaterasu within the Naruto universe is considered an ever burning flame. Helios (God of War 2).After Zeus was defeated in his battle with Kratos, he called a meeting of the gods on Mt. Olympus, which Helios attended. Helios, along with the other Gods, were asked by Zeus to assist him in destroying Kratos. VS. Naruto team: - Naruto - Itachi - Sasuke - team gets 5 minutes prep Helios is the God of The Sun and Guardian of Oaths. Kratos: [angrily] You lie, Helios! Helios is one of the strongest Olympians, as he is the "Sun itself". Injured, Helios was protected by soldiers until Kratos … 11:28. progenitorigin. 9 years ago. - 10 hours prep. Helios briefly appears in God of War II amidst Zeus' speech on defeating Kratos, but has a major role in God of War III. He is only surpassed by Ares, Hercules, Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 | Esta parte es una joya. - Duration: 3:01:47. Helios battled the Titans in his chariot, but was struck down by Kratos in Olympia, causing one of the Titans to crush him. Sleepy Sounds - Black … However, in the middle of the meeting, the Titans and Kratos began their attack on the mountain and Helios leapt to Olympus' defense along with the rest of the gods. Hephaestus told me the Flame kills all who touch it. Yesterday. Creaky Wooden Pirate Ship on the High Seas in a Thunderstorm - Insomnia, Meditation, Rain, ASMR. - Kratos is at his best: - all God of War weapons from games and comics. Kratos Vs Thor This topic is locked from further discussion. Although I forgot Kratos had Helios get nailed by a random titan, kudos on the funny though.
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