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El pretérito y el imperfecto 1 from Trent University 4. Pretérito-Imperfecto II from the Ursinus College 3.

Preterito vs Imperfecto, when describing events or situations in the past, Spanish speakers must choose between the preterite and the imperfect.

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Revise the imperfect tense for Higher Spanish with BBC Bitesize. El pretérito y … Lies through which you’ve effectively killed off a couple of people.

Pretérito-Imperfecto I from the Ursinus College 2. 1. Test your knowledge of Spanish in the preterite and imperfect tenses by using this interactive quiz.

In theory, every action has three phases or aspects; a beginning, a middle and an end. Test your Spanish knowledge of preterite vs imperfect 1 while you challenge your opponent to a tank dual. The basic rule of thumb when it comes to figuring out which tense to use is that the preterite talks about things you did, and the imperfect talks about things you were doing at some point in time, or that you used to do. The imperfect is used to talk about what used to happen or what something was like. The choice depends on the aspect of the event or situation that the speaker wants to describe. Preterite and Imperfect: The Champion’s Guide to the Star Tenses of Spanish Past Without realizing it, I bet you’ve told several shocking lies while learning Spanish. Distinguishing Between Preterite and Imperfect What you did vs What you were doing.

Here is a list of online exercises where your students can practice the preterite vs imperfect in Spanish. Exemples d'utilisation dans une phrase de "preterite", par le Cambridge Dictionary Labs Browse preterite and imperfect test resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for original educational resources. May the best tank win!



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