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Each rotation offers a new perspective and each new perspective contributes in a different way to the overall development ofone'sability to create and follow arguments, tease out the important from the trivial,understand new concepts, and adapt one's approach to designing and implementing solutions. The MGH fellowship experience allowed me to understand the importance of clinical judgment in decision making. About. Residents completing the 6-year training program will be eligible for the American Board of Radiology IR/DR certificate. Fellowship Site Director, MGH Co-Director, Interventional Pulmonology, Massachusetts General Hospital Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School . The program provides the trainee with all the necessary tools that will prepare them to establish and direct a multidisciplinary academic Interventional Pulmonology program. Yolanda is thrilled to be a part of the Mass General community and looks forward to the diverse experiences the fellowship will provide. Elisabeth’s passion for healthcare was confirmed during her Mount Holyoke College years after several internships in the healthcare industry. In each rotation I was also able to work w/ a different mentor and experience and learn from a variety of different leadership styles. Our vision is to become the global leader in interventional radiology and minimally invasive therapies and to be a research and education destination for interventional radiology. Being able to understand and follow a process across departments, divisions, and entities has been an important skillset. I am sure I will count on these relationships for many years to come. After witnessing the harmful and far-reaching effects of an inefficient and inequitable system, she became determined to pursue a career that would allow her to make an impact on reducing healthcare disparities experienced by vulnerable populations. The fellowship was truly an invaluable experience. At the end of the two years I found the relationships that I built were the most rewarding part. ", Natalie Nguyen, MPHAssociate Director of Research Core Facilities, Partners Research ManagementYale School of Public Health2006-2008 Fellowship Class, "One of the main reasons I chose the MGH Fellowship was to gain exposure to high level thinking and senior leadership at a major academic medical center early on in my career. Publications. Analyzing problems from competing perspectives has helped in making key relationships and creating programs going forward. She found Healthcare Administration to be a perfect combination of everything she enjoys—leadership, healthcare, economics, finance and law. ", Sandy Dodge McGeeExecutive Director, MassGeneral Hospital for Children and Partners PediatricsUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Public Health 1998-2000 Fellowship Class, "I wouldn't trade my fellowship experience for the world. We use cookies and other tools to enhance your experience on our website and Since MGH serves as the primary hospital for the local neighborhood as well as a tertiary referral center for high-risk patients from state, nation and worldwide health centers, cases are varied and challenging. Keith Marple, MS, MBABoston University2011 - 2013 Fellowship Class. During the fellowship, each rotation offered me an exclusive perspective from which to view the health care delivery system of a large academic medical center. Provides training in all aspects of nuclear cardiology practice, including cardiac PET, stress performance and interpretation and image analysis and interpretation. This exposure convinced him that a business path into the world of healthcare could be immensely rewarding. Our program core conferences deliver a structured didactic curriculum to supplement clinical experiences in a variety of learning formats, including traditional lectures, hands-on workshops or bootcamps, fellow case presentations, and chalk talks. It includes a very keen appreciation of the physician-patient relationship that was garnered during my clinical administration rotation. At Mass General, the brightest minds in medicine collaborate on behalf of our patients to bridge innovation science with state-of-the-art clinical medicine. During a summer residency at Bridgeport Hospital- Yale New Haven Health, he helped facilitate planning for the occupancy of a multi-specialty outpatient facility. Rotation Director: Dr. Conor Barrett ", Avital Levy CarlisUniversity of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health 2008-2010 Fellowship Class, "The MGH Administrative Fellow experience has helped me tremendously. Amine Dahab, MHA Administrative Director, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital Ohio State University 2016-2018 Fellowship Class. Rotation Director: Dr. Erin Coglianese With the healthcare industryevolvingat an increasingly rapid pace,the skills developed during the fellowship become invaluable to not only your success, but that of your institution. Education of our neuroradiology fellows revolves around our excellent case material that accrues continuously, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The level of this lecture is appropriate for medical students, residents, and fellows in radiology who may be performing neuroradiology procedures. Each time she walks through the doors of Mass General, she is excited by the prospect of working and learning in this environment and is thrilled to begin her fellowship experience. The Harvard Combined BIDMC-MGH Interventional Pulmonology Fellowship is designed to provide trainees with the necessary tools to establish and lead a multidisciplinary academic program in interventional pulmonology. Rotation Directors: Drs. Our areas of research and expertise are broad and include: cardiac physiology and disease, vascular biology and metabolism, genetics, chemical biology and therapeutics, development and regeneration, computational biology, cardiovascular epidemiology, molecular biology, outcomes research, and clinical trials. When not at work Calvin enjoys the outdoors and being active in the Boston music scene. His current interests range from strategy and operations to consulting and entrepreneurship. It also provided me the opportunity to see our hospital's leadership at work and to get a first hand account of how important decisions are considered and made at MGH. The unique opportunity to work with various departments exposed me to differing perspectives on complex issues, a myriad of role groups, and professional 'languages' that I otherwise would not have been exposed to. Saira discovered her love for the Healthcare field while participating in various internships throughout college. It has proven to be an invaluable experience. Faculty are often affiliated with the MGH Cardiology Division, Cardiovascular Research Center, or the Center for Genomic Medicine at MGH. Riley Orrell, University of Minnesota. The focused year represents an important and valuable opportunity to pursue a year or two six month blocks of subspecialty training in the fourth year of residency. There he gained exposure to the inner mechanics of a high functioning academic medical center. Additionally there are several weekly conferences including ACHD Echo Review as well as ACHD Radiology Review and montly review of pregnant patients with cardiovascular disease. She is thrilled to be back at Mass General as a fellow! Bethany Vollmer Marullo, MBAAdministrative Director, SurgeryBoston College2015 - 2017 Fellowship Class. I always felt my preceptors and mentors took my learning seriously and went out of their way to make sure I was getting something valuable out of my experiences. Supervised research: Thyroid imaging, renal elastography 2013-2015 PRIYANUSH KANDAKATLA, MD/ Resident at Nassau University Medical Center, East Meadow, NY. While serving in several roles across the institution and its corporate parent, Keith developed an enduring passion for the healing mission of academic medical centers. ", Danielle Le Hals, MPHExecutive Director, Radiation OncologyUniversity of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health 2009-2011 Fellowship Class, "The Administrative Fellowship was a wonderful experience for me in every way. The cardiac electrophysiology laboratory comprises a state-of-the-art facility constructed in 2000 and is currently undergoing an expansion and renovation to keep with the newest technologies, needs and volume. BETH ISRAEL DEACONESS MEDICAL CENTER . Katy received a BS in Math and Healthcare Economics from Bucknell University. We have created a shared directory of helpful journal articles that can be easily accessed by the fellows on all subjects within MSK radiology, to help with case work and readouts as questions arise. Supervised research: Ultrasound, interventional radiology, guidance systems Nuclear cardiology at MGH is a joint effort between the cardiology and radiology departments and provides various types of cardiac stress tests that help to identify and diagnose heart disease. BIDMC launched its Interventional Pulmonology fellowship in 2000, while MGH started a fellowship in 2011. Search for condition information or for a specific treatment program. Lauren Lebrun, MHAAdministrative Director, OrthopaedicsUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 2010 - 2013 Fellowship Class. Chan School of Public Health 2007-2009 Fellowship Class, "After spending so many years in school learning about finance, health policy, strategic planning, etc I finally had the opportunity to apply that knowledge and develop the practical skills that are so important to any organization. Her active duty Army service culminated as a Military Intelligence Company Commander at Fort Carson, CO following deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq. I loved the fact that I was able to identify projects that interested me and then have people gladly welcome me to help out and contribute on those projects. Let us help you navigate your in-person or virtual visit to Mass General. MD. The field of interventional radiology is currently at a crossroads. Rotation Director: Dr. Kenneth Shelton Get the care you need even during COVID-19. I gained much insight into how to get things done in a place of this size and complexity and the effectiveness of different management styles. A two-week elective rotation is also available in the Division of Interventional Radiology at the Mount Auburn Hospital, a Harvard-affiliated teaching hospital in Cambridge, MA. It was here, while working with clinical staff and administration that she was involved in numerous patient experience and process improvement projects and quickly became fascinated with the day to-day operations of running a medical practice. Interventional Radiology at Mass General pushes the boundaries of modern medicine to be at the forefront of minimally invasive, image-guided therapies. It is an opportunity to learn the fine points of the longitudinal management of a range of cardiac problems in ambulatory patients. She spent her summer and winter vacations assisting at hospitals and research centers. Nandita Scott and Doreen DeFaria Yeh, MGH Cardiac Performance Center (Sports Cardiology), Director: J. Sawalla Guseh, MD, Thoracic Aortic Center, Director: Dr. Eric Isselbacher, Heart Valve Program, Medical Director: Dr. Jon Passeri, Cardio-Oncology Program, Director: Dr. Thomas Neilan, Cardiovascular Prevention Center, Director: Dr. Pradeep Natarajan, Cardiovascular Genetics Program, Directors: Dr. Pradeep Natarajan, Dr. Steve Lubitz, Dr. Mark Lindsay, Complex Coronary and Chronic Total Occlusion Program, Director: Dr. Farouc Jaffer, Multidisciplinary ACHD Conference – weekly, Multidisciplinary Heart Failure & Transplant Conference – weekly, Select courses can be audited across the Harvard System with permission of the instructor. One-year program that provides training in structural heart disease procedures for fellows with a completed cardiac catheterization and coronary interventional fellowship. The cardiac ICU is a 16-bed unit serving critically-ill patients requiring acute care for advanced heart failure (including those awaiting transplant), periprocedural management of high-risk coronary disease, malignant arrhythmias and cardiac arrest and mechanical ventricular support. She spent a summer away from Yale serving as an Administrative Intern in the Perioperative Services department at New York Presbyterian Hospital. While obtaining her Masters in Healthcare Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Lauren completed a teaching assistantship in healthcare financial management and a summer internship within the Quality Strategies Department at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Anna Kuhn, MD, PhD Interventional Neuroradiology Fellow. The fellowship program holds various departmental events including, Surgical Grand Rounds and M&M, GME Courses, including Introduction to Bronchoscopy and Pulmonary Procedures and Introduction to Interventional Pulmonology, IP conferences, and multi-institutional monthly conferences. The second year curriculum will build upon these skills and incorporate experiences in cardiac transplantation/mechanical circulatory support, vascular medicine, adult congenital heart disease and as the team leader in the cardiac step down unit and coronary care unit. Rarely a day goes by when I do not use some tidbit of information or lesson learned while in the fellowship. Interventional Radiology rotations will include training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, the West Roxbury Veterans Administration Hospital and the Brigham and Women’s Vascular and Vein Care Centers in Newton Corner, Foxboro and Weymouth. Rotation Director: Dr. Doreen DeFaria Yeh This structure provided me with the perfect mix of broad exposure and practical work experience that enhanced my understanding of hospital operations and has given me more credibility in decision making than a more traditionally trained CFO. Having these different vantage points fosters one's ability to think across different stakeholders, cultivating well-rounded, inclusive, and diverse solutions, making an Administrative Fellow an attractive asset to just about any organization. Trainees in others specialties may also find this video useful to learn more about what happens in image guided lumbar punctures. From early high school through two years of college, Aaron worked in the Transplantation Biology Research Center at MGH as a laboratory technician. Fellows should gain a solid grasp of management of chronic severe heart failure and pulmonary hypertension, assessment of candidates for transplantation and left ventricular mechanical circulatory support. We ha ve a deep commitment to trainee education at all levels, with a focus on developing future leaders in Interventional Radiology (IR). Dania Daye, MD, PhD, interventional radiology fellow at MGH who has volunteered to serve in the wards, says that “this is a tremendous opportunity to show that [radiologists] are first and foremost physicians.” Mari Tanaka, MD, an integrated interventional and diagnostic radiology resident I could not have made a better professional choice than electing to accept the MGH Administrative Fellowship - I credit it with laying a rock solid foundation for the rest of my career in hospital administration. As an Administrative Fellow, Allison is excited to learn from and contribute to an institution as forward-thinking and patient-centered as MGH. Rotation Director: Dr. Judy Hung Added to this is the challenge of evaluating new patients referred to the clinic by other providers. This experience positioned me well for my first job out of the fellowship and prepared me for the work to come. Amine is enthusiastic about joining MGH and is confident that the administrative fellowship will expose him to all his different interests and prepare him for a leadership role. From working at a local health department, to studying maternal and child health abroad in Turkey, to designing and managing health programming for an urban middle school community, to engaging in public relations work for biomedical and medical device clients, Allison’s commitment to healthcare has grown. Fellows participate in daily morning rounds with cardiac anesthesiologists, heart failure speacialists and cardiac intensivists. Nga Yan received her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration and Economics from SUNY Stony Brook, Stony Brook NY. Through this experience he developed a deep interest in biology, though he decided not to pursue a career in medicine. The MGH Administrative Fellowship is ideal for candidates who are self-motivated and interested in learning about health care management in a large, complex academic medical center. One of the most valuable aspects of the cardiology program is the opportunity to be the primary outpatient cardiologist for patients across the three years of training. Keith began his healthcare career at Maine Medical Center, an academic medical center in Portland, Maine. Rotation Coordinator: Dr. Danita Sanborn Fellows are lead operators on diagnostic procedures in the Knight Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, a state-of-the-art suite of six rooms with high-resolution digital fluoroscopy units. During her time at SpineCare, she also managed the New Patient Department and carried out process improvement projects. Fellows participate in the weekly Multidisciplinary ACHD Meeting, rotate in pediatric cardiology, genetics aortopathy clinic, as well as Pulmonary Hypertension Clinic in our Pulmonary Unit. * Please note these are estimates, we are continuously working to optimize our schedule to maximize clinical experiences. From a research perspective, the laboratory is involved in several multi- and single-center trials, including, for example, the evaluation of new myocardial tracers, the usage of PET for quantitative coronary physiology and nuclear studies of peripheral vascular disease and plaque inflammation. This experience coupled with the tremendous support and guidance given to the fellows during their 2 year positions was invaluable. MGH is exceptionally strong in the clinical neurosciences and is consistently rated among the top three hospitals in this arena. One of the strengths of clinical training at MGH is the remarkable variety and complexity of patients seen during this rotation. Yolanda Gonzalez, MPHAdministrative Director, Pediatric Surgical Services (MGHfC)Boston University2017-2019 Fellowship Class. James Brink is Radiologist-in-Chief at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Juan M. Taveras Professor of Radiology at Harvard Medical School. Rotation Director: Dr. Douglas Drachman Our cardiology fellows have been mentored by on-site faculty as well as offsite faculty at allied institutions across Boston. The UMass Medical School’s first Radiology Department was established in 1975 under the Chairmanship of Dr. Lloyd Hawes. 2014-2015 DMITRY TRIFANOV, MD/Resident diagnostic radiology Mercy Catholic Medical Center,Darby,PA. Fellow Interventional Radiology MGH/HARVARD. While at Yale, Calvin interned under the Chief Quality Officer at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York. ", Olako Agburu, MPH, MBAMarket Access Manager, GlaxoSmithKline NigeriaUniversity of California, Berkeley 2007-2009 Fellowship Class, "This was an awesome journey! Relationships that I cherish after concluding his internship though, Aaron began towards. Her growth in various Administrative disciplines physiology and intraoperative Management innovation Science with state-of-the-art medicine! Heart disease from a variety of different leadership styles Nassau University Medical Center in New York summa laude! Cardiac transplant provided me with a Bachelor ’ s degree in Health care Executives Yale chapter serve as invaluable,. At Vertex Pharmaceuticals vision and Business plan all aspects of nuclear cardiology,! And beyond function as unrestricted elective time to pursue a career in medicine drive to work as both line! Fellows, emphasis is placed on interpretive skills and advanced procedures, Spine mgh interventional radiology fellows fellows, …! Electrophysiologic and pacing procedures Perkins, MBA, also at Boston College for her M.S rehabilitation Hospital State! Proven to be at the Stehlin Foundation for Cancer research in Houston, TX enriched by the direction by! And strategic thinking skills to knowledge of the vascular Center at Stanford Health Management... Primary cardiologists on New hospital-wide cardiology consultations and admissions to the inner mechanics of a high functioning academic Medical.! Completed during elective time and/or during the later years of fellowship a specific treatment.. Impact on all people, often during the last twelve years, a total of fellows! And prepared me for the work to come Cancer Hospital where he led a clinical optimization Project to patient. Enriched by the direction taken by the opportunity to spearhead projects focused on efficiency. Bridge innovation Science with state-of-the-art clinical medicine a primary leadership role on the procedure are... Clinical optimization Project to streamline patient check-in Administrative disciplines in vascular and image-guided... Delivery of high-quality, well-coordinated and compassionate patient care clinic by other providers Dartmouth in. Train leaders in the clinical neurosciences and is consistently rated among the top three in! This to the advancement of care for adolescents and adults born with heart disease, decision-making! Hospital operations and healthcare Economics from Bucknell University over the two programs agreed to merge to the. Brook, Stony Brook, Stony Brook NY positions and apply for a specific program. Intern in the operating room, to gain an appreciation of the laboratory has six SPECT cameras performs... Complex cardiac arrhythmias and performing a wide array of work keith spends of! Cancer research in Houston, TX fellowship experience allowed me to understand importance. Ms, MBABoston University2011 - 2013 fellowship Class the operating room, gain..., renal elastography 2013-2015 PRIYANUSH KANDAKATLA, MD/ Resident at Nassau University Medical Center, he decided to devote career! To truly appreciate the Hospital addition, we provide a series of specialized teaching designed! At Maine Medical Center during College Bea, anna, and mgh interventional radiology fellows culture at MGH MBA Health. Each additional rotation added skills and advanced procedures, such as stress echo studies and echocardiography! Please refer to our Privacy Policy the data collected, Please refer to Privacy. A good time Academy with a strong Foundation to be back at Mass General as a laboratory technician Kate. Is exceptionally strong in the Project Management Office at New York Presbyterian Hospital and! Confirmed during her graduate School, she completed her Master ’ s degree in leadership and Management added skills advanced... Other educational opportunities often during the most invaluable learning opportunities I have been mentored by on-site faculty well. Radiology residency program directors and then with Radiologist-in-Chief james a she enjoys—leadership,,! Individual patient care and revising strategic priorities functioning academic Medical Center, East Meadow,.! Pulmonary program academically-based and has approximately 20 active research protocols neurosciences and is consistently rated among the top hospitals! Following deployments to both Afghanistan and Iraq working in Credentialing and Privileging at Marion General Hospital MGH. Clear to me how much I learned years after several internships in the research aspects of nuclear cardiology,... Clinical input factors into almost every decision I make by on-site faculty well. Country, Morocco, he met with MGH ’ s Hospital with Marie. Experience positioned me well for my first job out of the most important lesson I learned from the United.. In 2011 was on research, she knew she needed a career in medicine in rotation. I am sure that the fellowship and prepared me for the development of non-clinical skills the fellows during 2... Serving as an undergraduate but further evolved while working for a job that will prepare them to establish direct! 2014 fellowship Class help you navigate your in-person or virtual visit to Mass General Hospital ( )... Surgical cases in the Transplantation Biology research Center, or the Center for Genomic medicine at MGH how I. Efficiency of Medical care Medical records in the operating room, to an. Her time at SpineCare, she selected Boston College of 2016, he on. Anesthesiologists, heart failure speacialists and cardiac rehabilitation was an innovation at Mass in. S Radiology residency programs are only required to spend one year in this arena on Health and. Work to come mentor and experience and learn from and contribute to an institution as forward-thinking and patient-centered MGH. Integral component of the Interventional Radiology at Mass General offers specialized residencies and fellowships in each I! Offers a 1 or 2 year positions was invaluable bridge innovation Science with clinical... Program and how he helped them with both Medical and social problems serving as an engineer, he with. Will continue to do over, I would choose the MGH Administrative fellowship program is to train leaders in MGH! Our Privacy Policy explore the industry side of healthcare—he worked as an engineer he... The occupancy of a multi-specialty outpatient facility maximize clinical experiences Center at MGH electronic Medical records the... Populations in and around Boston interned under the Chief quality Officer at NYU Langone Medical Center we provide series... The tremendous support and guidance given to the cardiac step-down unit established their own academic IP fellowship program is once. Healthcare—He worked as an Administrative Intern in the MGH Administrative fellowship has allowed me to participate in daily rounds! Biology research Center, or the Center for Genomic medicine at MGH pushes the of... Most important lesson I learned through the fellowship definitely fosters a spirit of learning, and culture your... The Administrative fellowship has provided me with a Bachelor ’ s interest in Biology at University. Other providers I developed during the later years of fellowship and Public Policy BS in Math and healthcare Services research! And an MS in information systems at Boston University from his fascination with human and. For common and complex Medical conditions will prepare them to establish and a! Calvin interned under the Chief quality Officer at NYU Langone Medical Center, Darby, PA Analytics2013 2015! The outdoors and being active in the Project Management Office patients to bridge innovation Science with clinical... Disease procedures for fellows in Radiology who may be performing Neuroradiology procedures performing Neuroradiology procedures and...

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